Video Tutorials


The videos on this page provide a basic introduction to HYDRAN-XR. Each video is short and very focused on a single topic, as indicated by the title and description. The tutorials are focused primarily on the GUI, but issues related to the computational engine (CE) are also covered. Detailed coverage of the CE is available in pdf documentation files.

For a detailed video on using HYDRAN-XR to carry out a hydroelastic analysis, see the example analysis videos in Lectures on Hydroelasticity.


Installation is simple (no video available). Download the installation file for your operating system. For Windows, this is a zip file. Extract the contents, and follow the directions in the file Install HYDRAN-XR on Windows. For Mac, this is a disk image (.dmg) file. Open this file, and follow the directions in the file Install HYDRAN-XR on Mac.

Overview and Starting for the First Time

Video discusses steps involved in starting HYDRAN-XR for the first time and the window layout. Note that the installation information in this video is for early versions; see the notes below for version 1.1. You may want to view this video for a brief overview, but the "first run" details in the video are out-dated.

Running a Project and the File Menu

Video discusses running a project in the computational engine (CE) and options in the File menu.

Edit Menu

Video discusses the Edit menu and more aspects of working with the database.

View Menu

Video discusses the View menu, viewing meshes and data, and plotting.

New for version 1.0.2: Supplemental video discusses new X-Y Plot features: 1) saving to png file, 2) x-data and y-data can be in different arrays, data can be in 1D, 2D, or 3D arrays, not just 2D.

Command and Help Menus

Video discusses the Command and Help menus.

Overview of Input File

Video discusses input files for the computational engine. The input file "Semisubmersible" can be downloaded for Windows and Macintosh. The only difference between these two files is the line endings. Remove the platform indicator in the file name before running.

Version 1.1

Previous users should note that the installation is now different. Preferences, the computational engine, and reference files are kept in operating-system consistent locations. There is no longer a need to have a folder HYDRAN-XR in the user home directory; previous users can delete this folder (if you put anything you want to keep in this folder, move it before you  delete the folder).


With this update quadrilateral panel elements are now displayed correctly, instead of as two triangles.

Version 1.0.3

New features:

     1) Changes to the Edit menu:

          a) Info menu item added – provides information on database member

          b) Keyboard shortcuts added for Delete and Delete All

          c) Paste menu item added to copy array name to Input area

     2) Open project window allows computational engine to be changed

     3) Input area now has smart command suggestion and completion.

These features are discussed in the video.